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Comprehensive Seeking Marketing Partner


Techzen engaged in informatization,automation and intellectualization products based on RFID,owning Electronic Tag System,Moving Hanger System,Smart Distribution and Production Management System(Automatic Assembly Line),Smart Warehouse System,Auto-Sorting System,Smart Tablet PC Management System,Tablet PC Terminal and Personnel Salary and Attendance System....

Till now,Techzen has provided completed RFID solutions for more than 120 groups(companies),including Esquel Group,Crystal Group, Toray,Fountain Set,Luenthai Company,Makalot Industrial,Your Moon,K-boxing,Kappa,Shanghai CatHa Ya International,Jiangsu Beide Garment,Zhejiang Mengsen,Jiangxi Xingguo Shenshi Garment...

To more deeply promote the informatization,automation,and intellectualization in domestic and overseas textile and garment,bedding,bags and suitcases enterprises.Techzen will warmly invite industry sales team,marketing consultant and agents in different areas to cooperate with Techzen to realize value chain.


Marketing Channel:Eric Lau 15016093308




一、The Conditions to Join Us:

1、With experienced industry background in Garment,Bedding and Luggage field or IT,IE sector
2、Be able to offer pre-sale service like a consultant to Garment,Bedding and Luggage Enterprises.
3、Have stronger marketing ability and customer development ability
4、With abundant financial strength
5、Provide the corresponding market development plan


二、The Steps to Join Us:

1、Give a call to Techzen

2、Techzen will examine and verify the applicant

3、Ifit is in the name of company,the applicant need to provide the qualification documents including copy of the company’s business license(copies),organization code(copies),tax registration certificate(copies) and legal representative certificate(copy of ID card),if it is individual,copy of the applicant’s ID card is enough.

4、After approval,sign the agency contract

5、To come to headquarter to join at least 20days training on products knowledge and technique or headquarter will assign extension worker to give local assistance and training.

6、Headquarter will release the agency information in Techzen official website.




三、Policy and Rules to Join Us.

The First Part :Agent System and Policy

一、Description of agent system: 

Techzen as the leader of RFID informatization,automation and intellectualization in garment,bedding and luggage sector,owning completed product supply chain,having the world famous high-end customers in various districts such as Guangdong,Southeast Asia and Africa

二、Agent policy:
1、Ordering and Supplying:obey the rules that ordering firstly then delivering the goods to agency.

2、Method of Settlement:settlement as per the contract signed by both parties.

3、Transport:By logistic or courier in Mainland China,if beyond Mainland China,it will adopt FOBHK
4、Promotional Material:Supply the promotional material as per market condition and development efforts,if having special requirements,,additional promotional material and product data can be allowed.
5、policy change:If the headquarter changes on products and market policy,it will inform the agency ahead of time,and both parties can negotiate with the affairs generated by the changes.


The Second Part: The Right and Obligation to Join Us

1、The agents can enjoy the agent price of the products.

2、The agents can not agent other companies’and individual’s competitive products at the same time.

3、The agents have the obligation to promote our headquarter and its products during the agency and entirely responsible for the installation of the terminal users’s hardware and software sold in the local

4、The agent is in charge of the product distribution and customer development in local area cannot cross the zone that exist sales agent,and the agent should have the duty to submit the list to our headquarter,to avoid the customer dispute trans-regional

5、The agents should strictly obey the agent rules of the headquarters,external quotation and sales price are unified national retail price,when the same customers purchase multiple products,the preferential prices shall not be lower than the lowest sale price stipulated by the headquarters.The agents can not released or leak the lowest selling price and can not sell less than the minimum retail price,if violating the agency system,we will break the agent qualification

6、Respect our company's copyright and intellectual property rights, shall not sell the pirated products, our company reserves the right to pursue relevant legal responsibility and economic responsibility to the agent seller

7、The agents must provide details of the every end customer (the customer type, company name, contact person, address, telephone, Email,website, etc.) to our company,which is the evidence that we provide upgrade service and technical support.The agents can not provide false information, once verifying,our company have the right to immediately cancel the agent qualification.

8、Our company products are not allowed to be disassembly, decompilation, crack, etc., and shall not be copied, reproduced, and disclosed to any third party except for the end user, it is forbidding developing or assist a third party to develop similar products with ours.Otherwise, our company reserves the right to pursue relevant legal liability and economic responsibility.

9、The agents shall bear confidentiality obligations for our company’s business data and customer information obtained during cooperation, and it can not be leaked to third parties.

10、The agents should strive to improve service levels, and shall not harm the image and reputation of the company; Shall not use the method of fraud or illegal to sell products. If causing damage, our company reserves the right to get reputation compensation according to the law.


The Third Part Market Management of Agency Area

1、Our company will formulate the unified national retail price and unify the format of quotation and preferential mode,the agents should obey the price strategy.

2、Our company will offer unified model contract

3、Our company has the right to regularly assess the agents annually,if can not meet the sales volume and not pass the year-end assessment,our company has the right to withdraw the agent qualification


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