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  • Hong Kong Fountai

    Hong Kong Fountain Set(Holdings)Limited.and its subsidiaries are known as the world's largest manufacturer of circular knitted fabrics,and has been undertaken the provision of spinning,knitting,dyeing,printing,and finishing of integrated services and a high degree of vertical into a global leader in the textile industry.Group's products also includes dyed yarns,sewing threads and garments.Fountain provide fabric garment manufacturers to more than 40 countries and make international brands of garments. [MORE]

  • Makalot Industria

    Makalot Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1990,mainly manufacturing garments,and its products are exported to Europe and the United States,It has more than twenty thousand employees around the world.And its garment manufacturing bases are throughout Philippines,Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia,China and other countries.With a global strategy and operations strategist,Makalot becomes a leader in the garment industry in Taiwan.Among top ten clothing retailers of America,including Wal-Mart,Gap,Target...etc,nine of them are Makalot's customers. [MORE]

  • China Dongxiang(G

    China Dongxiang(Group)Co.,Ltd.founded in 2002,The group is primarily engaged in the design,development,marketing and wholesaling of branded sportswear in China,Since 30,May,2006,China Dongxiang has owned all rights to the internationally recognised Kappa brand in the PRC and Macau,mainly focus on Kappa,Phenix branded wear,shoes along with sport equipment and accessories.Kappa is the international and famous sports,leisure wear company established in Italy in 1916. [MORE]

  • Zhongshan Tonvex

    Zhongshan Tonvex Garment Co., a clothing design,production and sales of large modern garment enterprise,with hand embroidery,compture printing,garment processing,such as integrated services,the factory total area are over 35000square meters,has advanced sewing machines,more than 4500employees,monthly production of 1.5million. [MORE]

  • Shanghai CatHaYa

    Shanghai CatHaYa International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale export enterprise integrated with design,development,purchasing,production and sales.It mainly produces textile products,garments and fabrics,and it integrates processing and import and export trade.The products have been exported to Europe,America and Japan,The export volume reaches $50,000,000 and has a large textile apparel products factory in Shanghai,with an annual output Capacity of more than 20million U.S dollars [MORE]

  • Guangdong Esquel

    Esquel Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium cotton shirts,the group distributes in China,Malaysia,Vietnam,Mauritius and Sri Lanka,factories and strong sales network for the global mainstream markets.Therefore,Esquel has also become the most dynamic and most advanced global textile and apparel manufacturers. [MORE]

  • Hongkong Crystal

    Grystal group is a diversified multinational conglomerate focusing on apparel manufacturing and it has set up the production base in several countries and regions,such as mainland China,Hongkong,Vietnam,Bengal etc,enjoying great reputation in the same sector,which has also become the navigator in Hongkong garment industry and jumped into one of the largest garment manufacturers in the world. [MORE]

  • K-boxing Men's We

    K-boxing Men's Wear Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1980,enjoying one of the most valuable brand in top 500 in China,and the first valuable brand in Chinese leisure men's wear.Owning more than 5000employees and setting up over 3000brand specialty stores and its image under nuified management and norms,furthermore,it is the pioneering brand in Chinese commercial and casual wear,which is also the only one men's wear enterprise focusing on jacket R&D and design,leading the domestic apparel and fashion trend. [MORE]

  • Cerie Internation

    Cerie International sets up large and modern branch factories in Guangdong、Hunan、even in Vietnam.Employing over 5000 staffs.Cerie is a leading manufacturer specializing in fashionable intimate apparel、charm pajamas、bra with short skirt、tight underwear,all the products are for export,and its brand market share reached 40% in US and Europe [MORE]

  • Takfook(Dongguan)

    Takfook is a large Hong Kong -owned enterprises established by Takfook International Trade Co.,Ltd in mainland China.mainly dealing with knitting children garments,owning special embroidery workshop and washing workshop.Takfook (Dongguan) was founded in 1994 and its employees are more than 2000. [MORE]

  • Changzhou prince

    Changzhou prince Garments Co.,Ltd is a clothing manufacturing and selling enterprises owned by Jiangsu Prince Group.It is established in 1993 and a senior men's clothing brand company with design、production、sales,its headquarters was set up in Changzhou,Jiangsu province,and owning more than 4000 employees, its LAMPO becomes one of leading brand in China high-end men's clothing. [MORE]

  • Changzhou Able Ga

    Changzhou Able Garments Co., Ltd. is a world-class apparel company. Able has become a famous fashion brand in Europe designated strategic partnership, including shirts, sweater, T-shirt, jacket, pants and jeans complete the design, production, all products sold in Europe and North America. With more than 7,000 employees, on 2007 sales value closes to 10 billion yuan. It is currently the highest among garment industries in Jiangsu, and has publicized, groups, information and internationalization goals. From 2009, Able started to use ETS real-time data capturing and production management system. [MORE]

  • Zhongshan Greatwa

    Zhongshan Greatwall Garments Co., established in 2004,and a large OEM factory based on brand sports clothing such as "XTEP","Semir"etc.Till now,it has jumped in the large and professional enterprises for OEM.The annual production capacity can reach 30million,and possessing 5 modern factories and 5000employees with high-quality. [MORE]

  • Eveer Smart Bangl

    From 2009,ESBL started to use ETS real time data capture and production management system [MORE]

  • Regent Vietnam Lt

    From December,2009,Regent started to use ETS real-time data capture and production management system [MORE]

  • Qiya Garment Co.,

    Qiya Garment Co.,Ltd. was established in 1998,and always adhere to "Sincere,customers first,provide first-class products for customers"and mainly focus on knitting and weaving,the existing staffs are nearly2000,and the annual output can achieve the millions. [MORE]

  • Guangdong Mingshu

    Mingshu men's clothing is a famous brand enterprise in China men's clothing industry,founded in 1988,covering more than 30acres,taking T-shirt,leisure shirt,jacket as leading products,forming the industry research,products R&D and sales in one of the large -scale clothing enterprises with the annual production capacity of 3 million pieces.And its T-shirt R&D and production lead the Chinese T-shirts trends.In 2006,Mingshu was identified as"Guangdong famous brand"and in 2007,was honored as"China famous brand".In 2010,it was awarded as the national high-tech enterprise and hundred corporate apparel industry. [MORE]

  • Shandong Linyi Fu

    Shandong Linyi Fuji Kniting Co.,Ltd is joint-venture company specializing in knitting,dyeing and sewing,employing more than 900,and its products are popular in Japan,demand exceeds supply,and the R&D ability of new products is prior to the same sector. [MORE]

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